Aleksey Leonenko will participate in the Panel Discussion "International Experience of Risk Management in the Energy Sector". The Conference programme also includes the Round Table "The ratio between the Government regulation and risk-based approach at the Russian energy enterprises" and the Interactive Seminar “Compensation of damage resulting from accidents, emergencies and disasters in the energy companies”. The participants will have an opportunity to ask questions about the problems of the insurance for hazardous production facilities.

A speech of the Head of the Department with the title "State of the reinsurance market" will be presented within the framework of the Panel Discussion "International Experience of Risk Management in the Energy Sector" and will focus on general issues of risk reinsurance. Also the Conference will be attended by Roman Tochilin, Deputy Head of the Insurance Market Regulation, Department of Insurance, the Central Bank of Russia.

03/29/2016 "Rosneft" this year will increase investments by 30% to 1 trillion rubles


President of the company Igor Sechin  said at a meeting with the President of Russia  Vladimir Putin that  "Rosneft" will increase investments this year by nearly 30% to 1 trillion rubles.  Sechin also told that this will create additional jobs and possibility for development, mainly in Eastern Siberia, which "Rosneft" plans to introduce in 2-3 years, when the market stabilizes. "Very good," - said Putin.

Moscow, 16 March. – The Meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Energy of Russia chaired by German Gref,   President and Chairman of the Board of Sberbank of Russia was held  in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation with participation of Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.


The outcomes of  the Ministry’s activity  over the past year were summarized during the Meeting. Members of the Public Council also discussed the key goals and objectives of the Russian Ministry of Energy in 2016. Alexander Novak said that the past 2015 was quite difficult due to a number of factors, including the impact of sanctions and  decrease in energy prices, but the energy industry as a whole have coped with the tasks.



The head of the Russian Ministry of Energy also said that Iran is ready to join the initiative to suspend production, but only after reaching this level of production as before of sanctions.


Россия Иран2

The key event of the Forum will be the Plenary session "Global Energy Market and Regional Integration Processes", where  it is planned to discuss creation of united  energy market for the EAEC countries, integration processes and the future of the EAEC - European Union Energy Dialogue, as well as the potential of mutually beneficial cooperation between EAEC and the Asia-Pacific countries.

A considerable attention at the International Investment Forum "Innovations in Energy - Investments in Sustainable Economic Development" will be given to innovative development of the oil and gas industry, localization of advanced technologies in Russia, new opportunities and prospects for investors in infrastructure and regional projects.
Practical issues of  developing the Russian-Iranian cooperation in the oil and gas sector, as well as cooperation between Russia and Iran in the format of international energy organizations and at the international markets will be discussed during the Russian-Iranian Energy Forum "Russia and Iran: Towards Sustainable Development of the World Energy".

Pavel Zavalny in his Greeting to the organizers and participants of the Conference has expressed confidence that the Conference participants will get an excellent opportunity to discuss practical issues of developing the System of Insurance and Risk Management for the Russian fuel and energy sector in terms of unstable international policy situation, increased terrorist threat, economic sanctions, large-scale introduction of new technologies for developing unconventional resources, stressful changes of the world oil prices and  high volatility of the Russian ruble.


President of the Russian Gas Society Greeting Pavel Zavalny

Pavel Zavalny has expressed a confidence that the annual Forum EPP-2016 will become a significant stage of innovation development of the Russian energy sector and effective mechanism for making decisions on key issues of the Oil and Gas industry.


President of the Russian Gas Society Greeting Pavel Zavalny

The meeting was attended by Li Jinxu, Head of Representation KERUI Group in Russia, Lev Lerner, Deputy Head of Representation KERUI Group in Russia, Elena Uspenskaya, Head of the Public Events Department of the Institute for Energy and Finance.


During the meeting the priority directions of developing bilateral cooperation were discussed.

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